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 In this extremely informative, practical, excellent eye opening book, Craig S. Mattheson explains biblically what the spiritual, soulish, and physical needs are in your marriage, and why they must be constantly met in order for your marriage to be alive and healthy. He illustrates why it is so important to understand that the needs of a wife are much different than the needs of a husband, and how each fulfilled need compliment each other.

   He carefully lists God’s “job descriptions” for both husband and wife, and why it is so dangerous to have reversed roles in your marriage.

  He reveals how to have great romance and passionate love making with meaning and fulfillment with your spouse. How pornography destroys a marriage, why men who are addicted to porn are “looking for love in all the wrong places”, and why they have a distorted mentality of what genuine true love really is. He explains how you can be totally set free, and how to overcome this relational withdrawal trap.

  In his last chapter he writes how a low self esteem destroys a person’s relationships, and how to overcome this distorted view of yourself!  This book will help you!

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  Many people who have read this book have said "It is EXCELLENT, has helped me tremendously and I am recommending it to all of my friends"!